10 hr tour and sightseeing Highlights of all Kauai

This family contacted me and were planning a cruise ship as a way to see the #HawaiianIslands and only had one day to see #Kauai. The parents wanted to tour all Kauai, didn’t want to rent a car, and thought the #KauaiTourGuy might be the solution to their dilemma. After I described the beautiful places, from the #WaimeaCanyon to #HanaleiBay and points in between, they would get the best possible tour from me for them and their two 9 year old twin boys. The day arrived, I picked them up just outside #NawiliwiliHarbor entrance, had a brief chat about where and what they wanted to see and off we went. The Dad had a nice camera for his trip and was interested in getting pictures of his family enjoying Kauai and it’s #naturalsplendor.

Shakas and smiles on 4 people
Shakas and smiles after a 10 hour tour of Kauai

Up to #WaimeaCanyonoutlook, #KalalauValley out llok and then back down to see #SpoutingHorn, #Wailuafalls, #OpeakaaFalls, #KilaueaLightouse and then #Hanalei and back. All in one day! The boys were anxious to get back to their shipboard activities and new friends and the parents were very happy with their day of touring with the Kauai Tour Guy. Not only do I share Kauai’s History but I also teach the meaning of Aloha and how to use, but not overuse, and Shaka.

Waimea canyon
Waimea Canyon Vista


Ocean view of spouting horn
Spouting Horn, Poipu, Hawaii


Waterfalls on Wailua River
Wailua Falls, Kauai, Hawaii

Lighthouse on promontory KAuai HAwaii
Kilauea Lighthouse, Kauai, Hawaii
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