Kauai helps protect America, just when you thought you were away from it all.

Recent successful anti missile tests in Hawaii were carried out right here on Kauai at the Pacific Missile Range Facility(PMRF). If you toured with me in the Waimea Canyon I point out the radar facility perched high above the Pacific Ocean near the Kalalau Lookout. That big golf ball looking thing. So, new test were done against possible North Korean type missiles. PMRF radar is one of the few places in the world where objects can be tracked below the ocean, surface, air and Space above. PMRF is located at Barking Sands and is part of the longest beach in Hawaii, 17 miles continuous. Off limits for civilians but military can reserve some really nice little cottages right on the beach so if your military you might want to check into that. It’s a long way from anywhere(Island wise) but the rates are very reasonable and you get one of the best sunset views in the Hawaiian Islands as the sun sets over Niihau, the Forbidden Island. Yes, that beautiful stretch of beach as you cruise the NaPali Coast is actually a vital part of Amerca’s defense.

Beach chair on lava beach in Kauai
A secret spot somebody likes on the South Shore of Kauai.

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