Ken and Lucy wondered about Kauai Activities and things to do in Kauai

Ken and Lucy were here without a car and wanted to see the island and ask me about things to do in Kauai for their grandchildren. Ken and Lucy were also celebrating their 37th Anniversary. Congratulations Ken and Lucy!! Honeymooners one trip, Grandparents the next. That’s how we roll on Kauai Tour Guy 8 hr day trips, helping people celebrate and create beautiful lasting memories and I feel so privileged to help do so.

Ken and Lucy at Salt Pond Beach Park, Kauai enjoying lunch
Ken and Lucy at Salt Ponds enjoying lunch al fresco, Island Style!

On Kauai it’s all about nature and being together. There are no water parks, we’ve got a big one anywhere you look, no fancy disco dancing or big shopping malls to just spend the day or night. We go to bed with the chickens and we get up with the chickens. Of course there are lots of things you can do with your family like ATV, Sailing, all kinds of fun things. It’s all about Ohana(family) and spending quality time together. You might even get the kids to put away their mobiles for an afternoon!

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