There are a lot of Things to do in Kauai

Activities on Kauai are only limited by Beautiful Beaches, Breathtaking Vistas, more colors of Green than you’ve ever seen, and white puffy clouds against an unbelievably blue, azure sky. Whale watching from November to April, ziplining, snorkeling, hiking, ATV driving. You can even fish for Rainbow Trout at Kokee State Park from June to September! People usually don’t come here for the wildlife(pun intended). Wild boar, some goats and small deer are found in the Waimea Canyon. The pigs are found almost anywhere on Kauai much to many farmer’s chagrin. But what really sets Kauai apart from the rest

of the Islands are the ,,, chickens. If you’ve got chickens in your Hawaii pictures I will bet it’s from Kauai. We go to bed with the chickens and we get up with the chickens(the other reason for not much “wildlife”). Kauai offers everything to nothing but laying on a desolate beach with the sh-sh-sh of the lapping waves. That is my favorite activity on Kauai.

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