Things to do on Kauai, Smooch, Smooch and Smooch

honeymooners at Kauai tour guy car learning to shaka on Kauai
Honeymooners learning how to Shaka

These honeymooners had a great story. First they fooled me for a little bit. I didn’t think they were honeymooning. I think that is being ageist but I should know better. They had been high school sweethearts and both went on to marry others. They lost touch but then both divorced. They found each other on FB, reignited their old romance and came to Kauai for their honeymoon. It was so much fun with them. Absolutely wonderful couple. It’s never too late! Some of their smooching pics could have been a video!!

Honeymooners at Waimea Canyon kissing on Kauai
This is how you do it! Kissing on Kauai.

Here they are at the Waimea Canyon Overlook.

Honeymooners kissing at Menehune Ponds at Kipu Ranch, Kauai
At it again! This time at the Menehune Ponds with Jurassic Valley in the background.

Yep, smooching again at the Menuhune Ponds overlooking Kipu Valley Ranch where scenes from Jurassic Park were shot. By the end of the tour she had a flower in her hair and they knew how to shaka. You guys were a kick.

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