We didn’t let it rain on our Kaua’i Parade.

Clouds and shoreline and trees near Anahloa, Kauai, Hawaii
Rainy morning in Anahola, Kauai, Hawaii

My “tourist” for the day weren’t really tourist but they had me guessing. They just bought a second home at the beach and wanted to know more about Kaua’i from a local tour guide’s perspective. They found my website and booked their tour online. When we met up I ask them a few questions. We had gone a bit back and forth on email but we chatted a bit so I could determine the best route for us to take. That morning was rainy and according to the weatherman it would be all day. Now this was the end of July and rain shouldn’t even play into anything on Kauai but here we were, gray skies threatening. We talked story a bit more and off we went. That is how my tours work. I always ask what they want to see, what have they seen already and if they have specific questions about Kauai. A lot of what I do is show and tell. I show then something to illustrate a question, Fort Elisabeth, for instance and we can talk about the different countries that were vying for Hawaii’s territory. A lot of times it can look rainy on the east side and be beautiful, hot and sunny on the west side. This meant the chances were good,or bad depending how you look at it, that it would be cloudy if not rainy at the Waimea Canyon Lookout and the Kalalau Valley Lookout. Oftentimes you just don’t know till you’re half way up to the canyon. You just have to go. Sure enough we were in the clouds at both Lookouts, bummer. I shared Hans’s story of coming all the way from Germany just to see the Kalalau Valley and it was cloudy but we hung around and shared some really pretty vistas. Hans was only here for one day but my “tourist” were lucky, they live here now!

After coming down the hill from the canyon we decided on a Subway Sandwich and lunch “al fresco” at Salt Ponds and watched the kids play in the surf. It was still rainy but we started back to Kapaa. We got to Kapaa and the sun had come out, it was hot, and my tourist were anxious to get back and enjoy a dip in the ocean in front of their home. Lucky Live Kauai! www.kauaitourguy.com

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