We need to go to Urgent Care!

Had a lovely couple from the mainland visiting first time to #Kauai. No car, No problem I picked them up at their hotel. They were talking about the dinner they had a couple nights previous but when they got back to the Hotel the husband had a couple “bumps” break out and they thought it was a food reaction. They didn’t go away and at the beginning of the tour the husband expressed pain going down his legs and wanted to stop to get calamine lotion. I figured out Walmart would be our best bet but when we got to the parking lot he took his shirt off and he had a horrible looking rash across his mid back region. You guessed it and I said we need to take you to urgent care because that is no food reaction. Urgent Care in #Lihue wasn’t far at all but BECAUSE THEY WERE ON A PRIVATE TOUR we turned our attention to his problem and the remedy for it. Got to urgent care, saw the doctor, got meds and they wanted to see the rest of Kauai. I put the husband in back and had him put his feet up and they continued their tour. Troopers!! I offered to continue another day but they would have none of that and wanted to continue the fun, and we did. We saw rainbows and beauty everywhere we went that day on Kauai. That would never have happened on a mixed tour where you are with other people who you are not traveling. I tell people this is your tour and this illustrates it perfectly.

rainbow, Kalalau Valley, Ocean View, Na Pali Coast, Kauai, Hawaii
Rainbow over Kalalau Valley , Kokee State park , Kauai , Hawaii
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