You have 5 days before your tour to make changes or cancellations without penalty but once inside that 5 days any cancellations made can result in a 10% service charge. I am only one person and I need the possibility of rebooking your dates.

You’ll need to book the 2-day (10 hours total) private guided tour. On those tours, we go from Hanalei to Waimea Canyon, covering the entire accessible portions of Kauai. As far as I know, I am the ONLY tour company offering guided private tours of the entire island for individual parties at this time.

Yes! Join me today and let’s explore Kauai together. Life is too short. I am honored you have chosen me to share a day with you.

In America the answer is of course, but only if I gave you a tour that went above and beyond your expectations! I believe a tip should be earned and not expected. My tour pricing does not reflect a built-in gratuity. A customary tip for a private tour guide is $20 per person-per day or 15-20% of  entire tour cost not including the taxes. Truly, the knowledge you enjoyed Kauai is my reward, but tips help too!

My tip for you is “you always tip on the amount of the meal or service, not the taxes and fees that might be included.”

As a traveler myself, I know it is difficult to decide on trip plans while sitting at your desk. I have a lot of website space devoted to the ‘About Me’ section to give you an idea of who I am and where I am coming from. I invite you to read those sections, my blogs, and especially my reviews.

On my tours, I will always give you recommendations and help you in any way I can to make your visit to Kauai as fulfilling as possible. Once you book with me you can ask for recommendations, however, that is not part of my business.

My BIGGEST recommendation is not to leave the Island without seeing the NaPali Coast. The Napali (nuh-PAW-lee) is accessible only by catamaran or helicopter. I can show you the rest.

Yes! I will pick you and only your travel companions up from Hotel, Cruise Ship, Airport($10 extra) or your local accommodation or pre-arranged location. My tours are private tours, only your party.

I am fully vaccinated with 4 shots and I assume you as travellers will have similar vaccinations. I will always ask if you mind that I do not wear my mask as I do talk a lot! You are more than welcome to wear your mask if need and it is only your travel companions who will be in the car with us.

Have fun! I’ll pick you up and we’ll talk about what we are going to do that day, why we’re going to one side or the other of the island and make sure you didn’t forget to tell me about any special interests. I’ll drive to different outlooks and sights to see, usually, we get out of the car periodically to stretch our legs and of course stop for the all-important bladder break and I know where all the restrooms are. Speaking of water, I will have bottled cold water but you are welcome to bring your own for ecology’s sake and I have a small cooler along with us.

Nope! Even if you are a solo traveler, my tours are exclusively private, so there will be no additional groups or people on your tour apart from your group.

You can book your guided private tour as far or as short ahead of time as you need. The advantage to planning way ahead is you can secure your date and, as long as you keep me abreast of any changes, you’ll have one less thing to worry about. Once you have an airline confirmation, start booking and usually an orientation, sightseeing tour should be first on your Kauai agenda.

Now for the last minute planners—and I do welcome last minute tour opportunities—text me at 8086312674.

Only if you think he went above and beyond your expectations.
In America, tipping is a way of acknowledging a job well done. In general any person in a hotel, a cab/taxi/uber, airport, a dining table will be working for tips and they are greatly appreciated. I think of a tip like applause. You pay to go see a performance and your tip is the applause, and who doesn’t love a standing ovation? You can google appropriate tipping but for me a $20 tip per person, per day would be a suggested tip for me or any guide you use anywhere for a personally guided tour like I give,,, if you are so inclined. I think most people just don’t know how much to tip and then don’t and we don’t want that! Mahalo. I need money for Vegas! Hope this helps.

While it is true there is basically only one road ¾ of the way around the island there are a lot of places and information you might miss if you are either the navigator or the driver! One very important thing that always gets a positive response is I know from bus driving days where all the public restrooms are and the ones to avoid. No worries, I am usually the first to need the break so no shame.

Often times it can be rainy on one side of Kauai and sunny on the other. If it is rainy and we have a Waimea Canyon Tour scheduled we will do the North Shore- Hanalei Tour instead. No point in going to the Canyon but the North Shore in inclement weather is completely doable unless not safe due to flooding etc.
This is where my years of living here since 2007 and driving a school bus.

You can book your guided private tour by car as far or as short ahead of time as you need. But once you book your airlines then start to confirm and book your activities. The advantage to planning way ahead is you can secure your date and, as long as you keep me abreast of any changes, you’ll have one less thing to worry about.
I do welcome last-minute tour opportunities—text me at 8086312674 if on the island. You never know if I had a last-minute cancellation.

Both! It’s a King Solomon’s choice when it comes to the two sides of Kauai. Most people elect to see the Waimea Canyon but the North Shore has so much to offer as well. Don’t miss out and book the 10hr tour in 2 days which leaves your afternoons free, a backup date if rainy on one of your days, and secures you a tour date with the Kauai Tour Guy.  Remember, the second day is 30% off price!

Picking up in Poipu or Princeville, regardless of Hotel or accommodation, adds 1.5 hours to my driving time but does not take away from your tour time.  That charge is $35. Gas prices have gone up markedly as well. Due to the unique geography of Kauai the most effective way to tour Kauai is from Kapaa, where I live. We can make arrangements where you can leave your car in Kapaa if you prefer. That charge is $35 or you can meet me in Kapaa. I am happy to start and end your tour from wherever is most convenient for you.

There is no pick up charge for Lihue Airport or Nawiliwili Harbor for the cruise ships.

I know some travelers have time constraints and you only have one day for Kauai. Unfortunately one day is just not proper to get to see the best of the whole island. If you are only here for one day, you have to make a choice of which side you need to see. Most people elect to see the Waimea Canyon but the North Shore has so much to offer as well. My custom tour page explains the benefits of both sides. I can pick you up at the airport and drop you off.

The higher cost is due to recently imposed State Park visitation fees. The second day 30% off does not factor in the state fees incurred in Waimea Canyon State Park.

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