Experience a part of the Napali Coast at the Kalalau Lookout where the motor coaches from the ship cannot go!

Enjoy a private tour of Kauai in a comfortable 8 passenger 2022 Hybrid Toyota Sienna van (myself and 7 guests).

Choose either the premium private tour option that offers you a truly private tour OR tour with up to 7 others from the ship. Why not invite new friends you made to join us?

Book me ahead of time and don’t find yourself haggling with taxi drivers shipside!

On the Waimea Canyon Tour it is all about the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. I will tell you about why Hawaii has the unfortunate nickname of "extinction capital of the world" as we explore the only true Hawaiian native forest of Ohi'a trees. Wailua Falls, Kauai Coffee plantation gift store and Poipu are on the route as well - time permitting.

The Hanalei Bay tour I take you to the Wailua and Opaekaa falls, learn about the Hawaiian ancient Heiaus(temples) and how Hawaiian culture has been largely disregarded until recently.

On either tour I will give you a Geology and Geography lesson about Kauai to help you understand why the two sides of the island are so very different.

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Trip Details

The tour breakdown


Group tour – progressive pricing. The more that go, the less per person it is.

Premium Private Tour Option – add $110 to your tour price for the option to close the bookings on your day, provided you are the first party to contact me. I only do one tour per day. For example: booking for 2 people is $390. Add a premium tour package $110 means $500 for your premium private tour for 2.

If you wish to book the All Kauai 2 Day Tour – 20 % off second day – it would be $110 total to close the booking for the 2 days. For 2 guests, for example, then $700 + $110 = $810. For full details, please see the second pricing table below.

Single-Day Tour Pricing Guide
Price table for cruise ship tours
All Kauai 2-Day Tour Pricing Guide

Departure time

9 am, unless we arrange differently.

The ships are not always on schedule! I have a special permit to pick you up cruise-ship dockside at pre-approved tours location (there is no tender boat in Lihue), you simply walk the plank! If you choose the 2-day tour, we can start earlier on the second day to have you back by suggested time.

Meeting point

Walk down the plank and straight away from the busses etc. towards the big yellow sign that says “walk to-beach, shopping, hotels”. I will pick you up at the “guard shack” at the only entrance to the harbor.




Whenever your ship is in port – my advance bookings tend to run a month to two months out.

If you are last minute I might be able to add you on to a tour that day.


Approximately 6 hours with a stop for non-inclusive lunch.

Doug’s got to eat and pretty sure you do too. And I know where the best bathrooms are or are not!

Group size

2-7 people.

Cruise ship tours can be combined parties unless the first to book requests a Premium Private Tour option.

Not looking to pack the van but the more the merrier, invite new friends along, just let me know.


Water, trail mix snacks and fun on a very comfortable 8 passenger (myself and 7 guests) 2022 Hybrid Toyota Sienna Van.

Not included

Lunch, but we do stop for lunch

What to bring

For the Canyon in the winter you might need that waterproof light jacket you packed, cash, no need for towels. Bring your picture taking device and a healthy curiosity and that’s about it. Walking shoes are best.


I am it! I’m the booker, driver , guide, maintenance crew and van washer.

Participation requirements

I only have room for a rolling walker, sorry no wheelchairs or scooters. We do not go hiking, this is a sightseeing tour. Only at a couple sights do we walk more than 100 yards.

Good to know

• Where I pick you up is not even 5 minutes from the plank. That means you walk the plank and away we go within minutes. Why mess with all the hassles of getting a taxi to the rental car offices, stand in a long line (you won’t be the only one on a ship day) drive back and get the rest of your crew? Walk the plank, turn right and away we go and leave the driving to me!

• This is a sightseeing tour, we don’t do any hikes!

• There is no tender ship at Nawiliwili Harbor.

• I know where all the good restrooms are, I have one of the smallest bladders in the world, no shame.

• Special requests are always welcome for stops but keep in mind it might make us miss something else.

• I design these tour routes for people who want to see the highlights and photo ops.

• If you have special needs or physical limitations please let me know ahead of time and I’ll do my best to accommodate you.

• Max is 7 people on the tour.

Join the Kauai Tour Guy today

My tours are informative, relaxed, and hopefully fun as you view Kauai’s renowned scenery (yes, we are the prettiest island!) that you came to see on your cruise through the Hawaiian Islands. If you’re lucky enough to be on Kauai for 2 days, take advantage of the All Kauai Tour 2-day tour(opens in a new tab) so that you see the two very different (20% off second day!!), but equally beautiful, sides of Kauai. If you choose the 2-day All Kauai Tour we can start earlier on the second day in order to have you back in time. Let’s go and leave the driving to me (and no pier running at the end of my tours)!

Please see the tour descriptions for Hanalei Bay and North Shore(opens in a new tab), Waimea Canyon and West and South Side(opens in a new tab) or the All Kauai 2 Day Tour(opens in a new tab) and pick your favorite!

Cruise Ship cancellation policy

1. I do only one tour per day so each booking is my commitment to show and share Kauai to you.
2. Kauai Tour Guy is a licensed Hawaii state operator permitted to carry passengers and pick up dockside in Lihue, Kauai and I do carry insurance per Hawaii State regulations as a PUC carrier.
3. Any cancellation within 5 days can result in your tour deposit loss unless I can book a replacement date. IF anyone in your booking decides not to go then you will be responsible for the per-person cost increase – 4 tour cheaper per person than 2. If you book a tour please honor that commitment.
4. Weather cancellations are my call and my call only. I will not go if I don’t feel we will see anything or the weather is too unpredictable for safety on the roads. This means if it’s cloudy and we can’t see the Waimea Canyon we will go to Hanalei Bay instead. Most times that is determined on the morning of the tour. If you want to cancel then you will automatically forfeit your deposit.
5. I will contact you the night before, usually by email, to confirm the tour.
6. Please be aware I am a private tour operator with no agreements with the Cruise Ship Companies.
7. I will need the names of all the people on the tour as I have to give those names to the security guards at the Harbor gate for any pre-arranged tours.
8. By sending a deposit you acknowledge and agree to these rules of cancellation.

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