My Toyota 4Runner is your comfortable ride for a day of sightseeing, exploration, eating, taking pictures and most importantly, fun! There is ample room for 4 passengers of just you and your party on my custom tours of Kauai. The wide windows of the 4Runner allow for easy viewing of Kauai’s nature on your private tour. My job as a private tour guide on Kauai is pretty much a slam dunk as everywhere on Kauai is beautiful — you’ll see!

Taking a private tour of Kauai in my car allows you to stop when you see a photo opportunity and I know when one is coming, especially as I get to know you and your interests and we explore Kauai together. I learn something new myself every time I go out on one of my custom guided tours. Bring your active curiosity and appetite along as I show and share Kauai with you in the ride.

Want to see where the ride can take you? Check out my tours!

Sunny day, green shrubbery overlooking the canyon on a beautiful day
Beautiful rainbow stretching across an enormous gorge with the ocean in the background
Cascading waterfall over sun soaked cliffs

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