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Private Tour In Kauai – The Best Sightseeing Adventure

Adventure, by definition, is the unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity of exploring new territory. Let’s leave out the “hazardous” part when describing the Kauai Tour Guy’s, that’s me, private tours in Kauai.  I can, however, promise the best sightseeing adventure as you explore Kauai with me on one of my private tours in Kauai. My private tours mean just that, a private adventure for just you and your party. Just your bubble-Safe!

One of my great joys that I get to experience as your tour guide are your faces as I show and share Kauai’s natural beauty.  You and your party will experience the breathtaking Waimea Canyon and its millions of years of geographic evolution with full rainbow colors on display for your viewing. The beautiful Kilauea Lighthouse and National Bird Wildlife Refuge on the opposite side of Kauai is a great place to stop and admire the green grandeur that is the North Shore of Kauai. I don’t use awesome because I come from the age of “cool” and “groovy” but any adjective describing the island on one of my private tours in Kauai can be freely and effectively interchanged with “awesome”. Guaranteed.

I understand everyone travels according to personal taste and budget but what I find with most folks from around the world is they are afraid they will miss seeing something without a private guided tour. They want an adventure, just not too much adventure! Perfect.

I would say the biggest reason for having someone drive you is that one of you will NOT have your face in the phone while the other has his eyeballs on the road, not on that “awesome” scenery I talk about. There is not a bad place for scenery on Kauai. I have tested that many times myself but still haven’t found anywhere on Kauai that is not worth a picture for the friends back home.

My private tours in Kauai begin when you call or contact me and start asking your questions. After you book, I will tell what to bring, what to expect and all that good stuff.  As a former hotel concierge and bus driver on Kauai I feel reasonably assured that I know Kauai. Tell me how much and what kind of further adventures you would like to do while on Kauai and I will do my best to point you in the right direction. My advice comes from me, I don’t have any referral agreements or anything like that.

I am a simple one-man tour company looking to serve up some adventure and fun for us when you do an adventurous private tour in Kauai with me, Doug, The Kauai Tour Guy. IG kauaitourguy

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