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Where should I explore on Kauai

Tourist at Waimea Canyon 3

Where should I explore on Kauai, you ask? Well, wherever you go I hope you take me, the Kauai Tour Guy, with you! Showing and sharing Kauai is my passion so I hope you share one day of your life with me as we explore Kauai together.

Before I launch into my blog, I want to share a little, well-known secret about Kauai and that is, there are very few places that are not beautiful if not breathtaking! I assure you, from the time you get off the plane, feel that tropic breeze on your face, smell those flowers and growing things like a greenhouse, you are experiencing Kauai, my home now for 14 years. Having said that you don’t want to miss out on my secret sites or lesser-known places that you and I can explore together and I know where all the rest stops are!

Kauai is a round island and the one highway goes 3/4 of the way around the edge and stops where the famous and renowned Napali Coast begins. Kauai is really too big to see in one day unless that is just all the time you have unfortunately planned for exploring this beautiful island. If that is the case, check out our Custom Kauai Tour to help you make the most of that day!

What I do is I break up the island into two different tours for you, one to the South and West, including the Waimea Canyon, Kalalau Lookout and the other tour will take us to discover and explore the stunning North Shore.

If you take advantage of my “1/2 off second day tour ” offer, see my website, we explore the North Shore on your second day. When touring two days we can do which ever tour suits you or whatever order and the days do not have to be right after each other. These are your tours where we can stop when and where you want and I know the places for some really nice pictures that you will want to share with your jealous friends and family back home. That is why you want to explore Kauai with me.

We will start the second day of your exploration of Kauai at the Opeaka’a waterfalls (I’ll help with this pronunciation too, that’s why you have me along) where I will share with you some governance and sustainability practices of the ancient Hawaiians. We continue research today so that us modern Hawaiians can become more akamai(wise) with our resources and modern-day challenges. From the Opeaka’a Falls we’ll take old bucolic back cane roads and head to the Kilauea Lighthouse and National Bird Wildlife Refuge- Another gorgeous view, if not breathtaking. From the Lighthouse we’ll drive to Hanalei and then on to Haena where we will turnaround since we have reached the Northern end of the Napali Coast.

FYI, I start my tours with a little “talk story” (conversation) with you about your interests as there might be something on Kauai you might like to see and didn’t even know it!

“Life and travel are similar in that we don’t know what the next day or curve on the road of life will reveal to us”.  The Kauai Tour Guy


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