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A Good Tour Guide For Honeymooners On Kauai

Tourists honeymooners smooching Menhune ponds, Kauai
Tourists honeymooners smooching Menhune ponds, Kauai

If you are lucky enough to be honeymooning on Kauai, you need not only a good tour guide for honeymooners on Kauai but also a good tour for honeymooners on Kauai. Look no further and please read on.

Aloha, I’m Doug, the Kauai Tour Guy and I’ve lived on Kauai for 14 years now and my passion is showing and sharing Kauai with the world!

On your private, exclusive 5-hour Honeymooner’s tour of Kauai, we will see breathtaking views on the Waimea Canyon and/or (I’ll talk about that in a minute so read on!) cruise in my comfortable ride to the wild and famous beaches of Kauai’s stunningly romantic North Shore.

On your tour, we can stop for some famous Kauai shave ice, stop at the Wailua and Opeaka’a waterfalls where I will explain as much or as little about the Hawaiian culture and Kauai’s own contribution to that ancient culture as you care to hear. Photo ops abound on Kauai and I can stop anywhere on your Honeymooner’s Tour. Hopefully, you are getting the idea that I am the best tour guide for Honeymooners on Kauai… if I do say so myself.

I will show you popular and beautiful sites but also the little gems of places on Kauai I have discovered during my own exploration of one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

I’ve been touring Honeymooners, couples celebrating anniversaries, families, and retired couples who don’t want that big bus tour since 2018. I was a bus driver and concierge until I found my calling as a private tour guide on Kauai. If you are the Honeymooners get in touch for more questions or if you are looking for that special Honeymoon gift then we can set that up with a gift card.

Hard to believe I’ve saved best till last but the best thing is my half price offer. Full price for the first day but get the second day half price. That way, we can do the 5-hour tour on one side of the island and then see the other side on the next day. Great value and you just sit back on your Honeymooner‘s Tour of Kauai with the best tour guide for Honeymooners on Kauai and smooch!

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