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Savouring last moments (of a vacation) on Kauai.

My tourists needed a day to do last things before spending 23 hours flying back to Serbia. First, these folks were the first people I have met from Serbia and they were delightful. They needed a ride from Princeville to the airport and wanted to see some waterfalls and such on the South Shore since they had spent most of their time on the North Shore. We went to #Opeaka’a falls where I illustrate why Kauai looks the way it does and why Mount Wailaleale is one of the world’s wettest spots. I like to give my Geography, Geology, Weather “lecture” overlooking this historic area of Kauai where you can see what I am talking about. The movement of the tectonic plates giving Hawaii it’s shape, the tradewinds and how they effect Kauai’s weather and the size and shape of Kauai itself are all briefly covered. It’s a short little talk with Kauai as my living blackboard and it is actually green just like in a classroom! Bit most importantly they wanted to relax and reflect at a beach with their six year old daughter who became such a pro getting herself in and out of her car seat. They all learned and happily mastered the #Shaka!

Tourists at the Menehune Ponds on Kauai looking over Kipu anch
Lovely tourists from Serbia learning to Shaka and show how much they loved their stay on Kauai at the Menehune Ponds.
Family sunbathing at Kukuiula Beach Harbor, Kauai
A family that beaches together stays together. Lingering last moments on Kauai.
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