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Kauai Weather, Rambutan & Kauai Private Tour

That’s what 2 “Girls” from Ohio experienced, tasted and did on a private guided tour with the #KauaiTourGuy. A women contacted me asking if it was true if she and her travel partner in crime(she was) could see the whole island in one day? I informed her she needed to book the 10 hour tour in order to do so. They were staying in #Oahu, wanted to visit on a #Kauaidaytrip and found me on the internet. They booked online, got their automatic receipt and my personal follow up and a big Mahalo for booking. We had a brief chat about what they wanted to see and made arrangements for pick up.I picked up the two lovely ladies at 8 when we had a brief overview of their private guided tour including Kauai weather/traffic updates. Since it is usually best to see the #Waimeacanyon as early as possible we headed West to the Canyon via the #WailuaFalls made famous in “#FantasyIsland”.

Wailua waterfalls, Kauai, Hawaii
Wailua Falls, Kauai

After enjoying a stop at a very old and picturesque cemetery we headed on to the West side. We turned Makai(towards the mountains) to the Waimea Canyon but not before stopping for pictures of #NiihautheForbiddenIsland. Stopping for pics we got to #WaimeaCanyonOverlook with it’s breathtaking views. (After walking up the short walk I am usually a little out of breath so I do not exaggerate;). There is a fruit stand at the Outlook so my “girls”, I did ask then if that was okay, since I was older than both of them and they were thrilled. Hope that doesn’t sound sexist or ageist in our PC conscious world. Anyway they decided to try #Rambutan which is an Island favorite. Much like #Lychee but bigger and even sweeter but they look like red sea creatures! They were richly rewarded for their bravery and perseverance.

After coming down from a 2 hour visit to the Waimea Canyon and #KalalauLookout(sometimes I lose track of time) talk turned to lunch and local food was requested and I suggested #AhiPoke owls(raw cubed tuna over rice). After visiting one of the best local markets on Kauai we drove out to #SaltPondBeach for lunch beach side, Island Style! A very enjoyable break from a barrage of stunning vistas and seascapes we saw while in the Canyon. But now we were relaxing at beautiful Salt Ponds Beach while watching local and visitor alike soak up the warm January sun.

Blue sky and sunny weather at Salt Ponds Park, Kauai, Hawaii
Sunny January Day at Salt Pond Beach

But we have a whole bunch more to see and times awaisting so we headed for the #KauaiNorthShore. We visited #OpeakaaFalls on the way North and then traveled a back country road to avoid traffic in the “#KapaaCrawl”. Our next stop on our 10 hour tour was at the #KilaueaLighthouse to enjoy this steadfast sentinel on the North Shore of Kauai. FYI, The Kilauea Lighthouse is the Northern most point of the 8 Hawaiian Islands.

Kilauea Lighthouse, Kauai, Hawaii
Safety and warnings on the Northern most point of the main Hawaiian Islands

On to #Hanalei, past #Princeville, I drove with a stop at the #HanaleiBay pullover and then down to #HanaleiValley. Hanalei is a small, quaint town located on Hanalei Bay. Hanalei has been described as the Jewel in Kauai’s crown and rightly so, IMO. Hanalei bay has been listed on “#Top10beaches” in the world places several times. We saw surfers on the bay, a first, for one of “my girls”!

2 women watch a surfer at Hanalei Bay, Kauai, Hawaii
Watching a surfer for the first time ever at Hanalei Bay!

Driving back to #Lihue we reflected on the day as we watched the shadows lenghthen behind the mountains and #SleepingGiant. The girls had been sending pictures back to their loved ones in Ohio with a bit of glee I must say. It had been a glorious day. With sad Aloha I dropped them at the best restaurant to eat at and then catch a short taxi ride to the Airport. So much fun we had, at least I did.Prologue: Driving home I heard on the national news that #ColumbusOhio was closing schools for snow the next day. True dat.

Lihue Airport sign final farewell to departing visitors
Mahalo, until we meet again. Final farewell at Lihue Airport says it all.
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