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What did we chase on a #privatetourKauai?

Beautiful rainbow stretching across an enormous gorge with the ocean in the background

My tourists from Poland had just one day for a #privatetourofKauai so they booked a ten hour tour with me, Doug, the #KauaiTourGuy. As I picked them up at 6am the wind was driving the rain horizontal in my headlights. Intermittent rain was predicted for #Kauai on this wintry day so I had to do some deep diving into the weather app I use to make the decision to go to the North Shore first then the Canyon. The #WaimeaCanyon is usually the first place to go(more on weather predicting for optimum sightseeing on Kauai if there are requests) due to clouds forming, but this was not a usual day so I made the decision to go North first. After picking up my #Polishtourists( a Husband and wife and their two teenagers) I listened to their expectations of what they wanted to see and gave them a rundown about the weather and why I was going to drive a half hour in the dark to #KilaueaBakery( the best on Kauai IMO) where we would have breakfast.

4 people, shakas and breakfast
Kilauae Bakery Breakfast and newly learned Shakas for my Polish friends

Because there is only one road to go on Kauai we would see what we had passed in the dark when we reached #Hanalei and then turn around to go to the Waimea Canyon and the West side. After breakfast and sunrise minutes away I drove to the #KilaueaLighthouse a short distance away. When we got to the lighthouse this is what welcomed us!!!

Kilauea Lighthouse at sunrise with magnificent double rainbow
Stunning, awesome view of Kilauea Lighthouse at sunrise and double rainbow!

I was impressed and from the oohs and ahhs from my tourists I think they agreed. I do not like the overuse of the word “awesome” but this was well, #awesome. #Doublerainbow at #KīlaueaPointNationalWildlifeRefuge. #Rainbows we would see and chase all day. These folks had come halfway round the world to see #Hawaii and their #privatetourKauai with me was off to a good start. Next stop, Hanalei.

2 tourists having fun at Hanalei Bay Lookout, Kauai
Are we having fun yet? Hanalei Bay and Puff the Magic Dragon in the background

After seeing Hanalei we turned around and saw the things they missed while I drove in the dark earlier and we headed to the West side and the #WaimeaCanyon.

rainbow and Waipo'o Falls at Waimea Canyon, Kauai
Rainbow and Waipo’s Falls in the Waimea Canyon!
Selfie and rainbow wWaimea Canyon Kauai
Group selfie at Waimea Canyon Lookout. See the rainbow on the left?

After the canyon it was time for lunch and to head back to drop them off and what do you think we saw at the end of my friends from Polands 10 hour private tour with the Kauai Tour Guy? A #rainbow.

Rainbow on the west side of Kauai
One last rainbow

I hope and trust my new friends from Poland enjoyed their #privatetourofKauai and they don’t forget their offer of a couch when I should visit Poland!! Mahalo, Until we meet again!

Exit sign at Lihue Airport
Sign says it all at Lihue airport.
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